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Regions in Sweden

Sweden is made up of 21 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Sweden. Information on all primary administrative regions in Sweden.

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Primary administrative regions in Sweden

There are 21 regions in Sweden in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Sweden
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Stockholm Stockholm1.2,127,006Stockholm Stockholm1,253,309
Vaestra Goetaland Västra Götalands län2.1,600,447Goeteborg Göteborg504,084
Skane Skåne län3.1,263,088Malmoe Malmö261,548
OEstergoetland Östergötlands län4.433,784Linkoping Linköping96,732
Uppsala Uppsala5.341,977Uppsala Uppsala127,734
Joenkoeping Jönköpings län6.339,116Jonkoping Jönköping83,202
Halland Halland7.304,116Halmstad Halmstad55,657
OErebro Örebro län8.283,113Orebro Örebro98,573
Gaevleborg Gävleborgs län9.276,637Gavle Gävle68,635
Dalarna Dalarna10.276,555Falun Falun36,477
Soedermanland Södermanlands län11.274,723Nykoping Nyköping27,582
Vaermland Värmlands län12.273,080Karlstad Karlstad59,266
Vaesterbotten Västerbottens län13.260,217Umea Umeå74,005
Vaestmanland Västmanlands län14.256,224Vasteras Västerås107,194
Norrbotten Norrbotten15.248,637Lulea Luleå45,551
Vaesternorrland Västernorrlands län16.241,981Haernoesand Härnösand17,016
Kalmar Kalmar17.233,548Kalmar Kalmar34,744
Kronoberg Kronoberg18.185,887Vaexjoe Växjö59,600
Blekinge Blekinge19.152,315Karlskrona Karlskrona32,309
Jaemtland Jämtlands län20.126,201OEstersund Östersund42,940
Gotland Gotland21.57,241Visby Visby21,970